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Ty Every

Ty bring his smile and positive attitude to work everyday as a daycare specialist. At work, Ty spends his days making sure our day campers are playing nicely and practicing good manners! Ty is also an avid baker and often bring delicious treats for his co-workers.

Ty started deepening his bond with animals while helping on his granddad’s farm as a kid. This bond would only grow as he gained experience working in kennels, vet clinics, and training facilities.

His first job at a doggie daycare began as a fun way of funding the courses needed to earn a certification to teach English across the world. He planned to start his teaching career in China, introducing the children to the english language while also bridging the gap between American and Chinese cultures. However, his love for teaching eventually grew to include the pups he’d been working with on a daily basis. Now he looks to bridge the gap between pets and parents and help both learn how to grow together.

Always eager to highlight the fun side of training, he and his pup Kira are working on earning their trick title accreditations. They work side by side with the hopes that their experience will help encourage other pet parents to maintain relationships that are just as fun as they are disciplined.