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Brad Carlile

Brad came to Cosmic Canine equipped with his enthusiasm to learn and love of dogs. He has progressed quickly through the Cosmic Canine apprenticeship program with his natural talent and willingness to study.
Brad began his journey with dogs when he was just a toddler. He always had dogs around the house and in the yard, but they were always pushy and misbehaved and generally naughty. That wasn’t their fault. They just didn’t know any better and hadn’t been taught otherwise.
In 2017, Brad adopted his current dog Tate. Tate had the same problem his other dogs had: He was pushy and loud and destructive. Shortly after adopting Tate, Brad took him to a trainer that showed him how to more effectively communicate and teach his dogs, and that sparked a passion for training dogs. Now, Brad and Tate are training for competition obedience.
Before formally training dogs, Brad went to school at the University of Texas at Arlington to study Film and Video production. After graduating in 2020, he worked on a variety of projects such as “1883”, and productions for the Dallas Cowboys and Top Golf. Towards the end of 2021, he left the film and tv industry to follow his passion for training dogs.
Brad’s desire is to help every dog live a fulfilled and happy life, and to show their owners how to create and maintain that life at home.