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Our Team

Our trainers have a passion for working with dogs and a genuine desire to help the dogs and their owners succeed. We provide ongoing continuing education to our trainers to make sure they continue to sharpen their skills and never stop learning.

Cosmic Canine is also certified with the Department of Labor to provide a two-year apprenticeship program for up-and-coming trainers. At Cosmic Canine, we differ from other trainers and training businesses not only in our mission, but in our methods. What many people do not know is that dog training is both a skill and an art that, done properly, takes many years of study, practice, and dedication. It is a passion, not a job.

Few trainers have spent adequate time honing their skills, studying theory, methods, and techniques, or even testing their skills with their own dogs. At Cosmic Canine, we have senior trainers with decades of experience training, overseeing, and mentoring younger apprentices coming up through the ranks. They work closely together as a team to make sure you and your dog get the best possible education.

Ty Every

Daycare Specialist

Keri Zamagni

Training Manager

Maya Jedlicka

Founding Trainer