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Now, train your dog with our NEW online dog training programs from the comfort of your own home! We are now offering Puppy and Adopted Dog Introductory courses, Puppy Kindergarten, and Basic Pet Manners classes online! Our interactive Zoom sessions are highly effective and allow you to continue the training at home immediately following your online dog training session.

New Puppy Introductory Course - Online

Puppy Age: 8 weeks to 4 months

Course Length: 50 minutes

Cost: $50

Our introductory puppy course is a 30-minute LIVE online course for new puppy owners. This course is ideal for new puppy owners who have just brought their puppy home or who will soon. You will have the opportunity to learn from one of our elite trainers the basic information to help you get started with your new puppy prior to enrolling in our Puppy Day School or Puppy Kindergarten online dog training class or in-facility. This is not a pre-recorded session and you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the trainer after the session.

In our New Puppy Introductory Course we will get you on the right path to start training your puppy properly. In this course you will learn:

  • Potty Training Basics

  • Crate Training Basics

  • How to create focus

  • Proper socialization basics

  • How to use food to train

  • Proper puppy management techniques

Follow the guidance and you will be ahead of the game with it's time to go to Puppy Kindergarten!

New Adopted Dog Introductory Course - Online

Dog Age: Older Adopted Dogs

Course Length: 50 minutes

Cost: $50

This is an introductory online 30-minute course for newly adopted dog owners. You will live stream with a trainer, not a pre-recorded video, and learn about the basic information of bringing an older adopted dog into your home and integrating them as a new family member.

Puppy Kindergarten - Online

Puppy Age: 8 weeks to 4 months

Course Length: 6 weeks

Cost: $150


Puppy Kindergarten is a great first online dog training class to start out with your puppy! During this six-session live class, we will teach you the basics of how to raise and train your puppy, and show you how to begin basic obedience. You'll learn to avoid common training mistakes that can save you from future problems.

In this class you will learn to teach your puppy: ​


1. Basic Commands: sit, down, place, and settle

​2. Name recognition and recall foundations

​3. Going to crate

​4. Leash manners

​5. Confidence building and more!

At the end of this online dog training class, you and your puppy will have the skills necessary to take and pass the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. exam! 

Puppy Kindergarten is a rolling enrollment class. You can start any week you want and jump in. Select the day/time slot and sign up for your six classes. 


Basic Pet Manners - Online

Course Length: 6 weeks

Cost: $150

This six-week online dog training class is an on-leash obedience training class for dogs of all ages. During these live sessions we will work on the basic obedience commands such as sit, down, place, come, and good leash manners. The class is designed so you and your dog get plenty of individual attention during each session.

​By the end of this online dog training course, you and your dog will be prepared to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam! This exam is offered periodically at a cost of $25. Check the schedule or contact us for the next exam date!



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