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Safety, Quality, and Comfort

At Cosmic Canine, our professional groomers always put your pet’s safety and comfort first, while providing consistent quality service.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pup is in caring and capable hands at every appointment.

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Grooming and Spa Services

Benefits of Grooming

There are a number of ways regular grooming benefits your pet’s health and wellbeing.

  1. Preventative screenings. Our groomers are trained to spot any signs of health concerns as part of the grooming process. This can help identify possible issues before they have a chance to worsen.
  2. Nail and paw health. Like human nails, your dog’s nails grow at a constant rate. It’s important to keep them trimmed to prevent stiffness, soreness, and even nail splitting. Nails that are left too long can also disrupt joint and paw health.
  3. Removes excess debris. Grooming keeps your pet’s skin and coat in healthy condition by removing excess dirt and dander. Do you like wearing a dirty, smelly coat? Neither does your dog!

Helps manage shedding. Our specialized tools help remove trapped fur from the innermost layers of your pet’s coat in a comfortable, efficient way. This way, we leave the most fur in our grooming room—and not your floors and furniture!