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Like Day School for Dogs!

For owners who want to be involved daily in their dog’s training program, but would like our expert help training their dog, day training is a perfect option! We have puppy day train programs as well as customized day training packages for older dogs.

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What’s Day Training Like?

Day Training is a Monday-through-Friday school-like experience for dogs. Just drop them off in the morning and we’ll take care of the rest. Here’s what your pup can expect:

What Will My Dog Learn?

Day Training teaches many obedience commands as well as positive and safe socialization for your puppy or dog. Day Training students will learn the following and more:

Manners Dog Training

The skills your dog learns in day school will help them develop better manners overall. Other behaviors our day training programs help with are:

After-Program Support

Now you are part of the Cosmic Canine family! What this means is you have a lifetime community to reach out to for help with your dog.

All our dog training programs come with FREE lifetime phone and email support AND very low cost group follow-up lessons and FREE pack walks and other group events. This means you can call or email us whenever you have a question and you can join us on pack walks to practice your skills, meet other pet parents learning the ropes, and ask the dog trainers questions! We want you to stay in touch.

After completing our Day Training program, look into our structured DAYCARE program for daily dog training maintenance and fun group activities!