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Dog Daycare

So much more than just a daycare!

Doggie DayCare REIMAGINED!  

Play, Socialize, LEARN!

Taking your dog to day care is a popular solution for busy pet parents to provide their dogs with attention and activity during the day while at work. At Cosmic Canine, we take day care to the next level. Not only providing supervision for your pup, but an education to ensure that day care is a positive experience for your dog.

Many day cares run with a small, minimally trained staff to oversee large groups of dogs. This can quickly result in bad experiences for many dogs in the group. In any dog “pack”, unless well monitored and structured, a pack hierarchy can develop, leaving some dogs at the bottom of the totem pole. This can be unpleasant and stressful for many dogs and create reactive behaviors outside of the group environment. For those on top of the pecking order, this can also create bullying behaviors and reactive or out-of-control behavior outside the group environment.

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Cosmic Canine has restructured, rethought, and reimagined doggie day care to provide the attention and activity your dog needs, while also teaching and creating positive behaviors and experiences! At Cosmic Canine Daycare, your pup will receive:

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