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Training in Your Home

One-on-one dog training is a perfect option for people who have the time to train their dog and want to be closely involved in the training.

How Does it Work?

One of our highly qualified trainers will travel to your home to work privately with you and your dog. At your first lesson, your trainer will assess your dog and your goals and create a plan accordingly. Our programs can cover everything from the basics to more challenging programs such as aggressive behaviors.

During your lessons, you will learn and practice with your trainer everything you will work on between lessons. You must work with your dog between lesson during the program in order to make progress! Each lesson will build on the one before and on the practice you do with your dog in between. Part of training plans, especially in cases of problematic behaviors, include management plans and a great deal of owner education.

What Will My Dog Learn?

Basic Skills address in Private Home Training include:
Basic Skills address in Private Home Training include:
Program length and number of lessons will depend on your goals and needs. Please contact us for more information or schedule a free evaluation!