Here are some questions we get asked a lot!

Frequently asked questions

Will my dog stay at your facility during the entire program? Can I visit my dog while he is boarding and training?

Yes, your dog will remain at Cosmic Canine for the duration of their program. It takes a few days for your dog to settle in to a new environment, so if you come to visit, your dog will have to settle in all over again and we have lost some time. For this reason, we recommend you do not visit during their training stay. If you miss your dog or just want to see them, message us on Facebook or email us. We also provide weekly video and/or photo updates!

How much time does my dog stay in the crate?

Your dog will spend quite a bit of time in their crate, but don't worry - they typically sleep the entire time! Training is tiring, and we work your dog multiple times a day so a rest in their crate is essential. We also walk your dog several times a day and they get one on one attention from our staff. With a schedule of work, rest, work, rest, your dog has a structured and fulfilling day.

After the program is my dog completely trained?

Though we provide a very solid foundation and deliver you a dog that reliably performs many skills, training is never a one stop fix - you must continue with the training. We provide follow up services to make sure that we train you and give you the tools to maintain the things we have taught your dog. ​


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