Service Training

This program teaches basic skills for dogs that will become support animals in the future. We do not certify service dogs. An initial evaluation is required before enrollment in this program to determine the genetic suitability of your dog for service, emotional support or other therapy work. 

Not all dogs are suited to be service, support, or therapy animals. We will only accept dogs to this program that we believe can successfully carry out the job in the future.

In this program, your dog will be trained basic obedience skills to pass the Canine Good Citizen exam, learn off-leash control, and proper manners and control in public. Dogs wearing service dog vests should be well-behaved and under control in public at all times. At the end of your program, you can schedule your CGC exam at our facility to get your dog’s CGC certificate. 

The skills required for the CGC are as follows:

We can discuss with you additional skills needed for your service purpose such as:

This program is foundation only for future service dogs or emotional support animals. We do not certify service dogs or train dogs for mobility assistance, medical alert, or other specialized skills. Those dogs require years of training and you must contact and work with reputable organization if you have such need.