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Learning Begins Right Away!

Getting a new puppy and welcoming your new family member is an exciting experience! It can also be very overwhelming! Puppies require consistent care and proper training to ensure they grow into a well-balanced, well-adjusted, and well-behaved dogs. What your puppy learns in their first weeks and months lays the foundation for the rest of their lives.

What Will My Puppy Learn?

Our puppy programs teach puppies critical development skills, including:

In addition to the developmental skills, we introduce puppies to basic obedience skills such as:

Puppy Training Programs

For puppies 12 weeks and older, we have two fantastic and proven programs!

Puppy Stay & Train

Stay & Train is a comprehensive program to lay the groundwork for good manners and obedience in your youngster. While they enjoy a stay in our lodging accommodations, they’ll receive daily lessons tailored to your needs and goals. Here’s what’s included:

Puppy Day School

Puppy Day School is just like school for your human kiddos! Drop off your pup Monday through Friday and we’ll provide the education, socialization, and recreation they need.

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Follow-Up Resources and Support

In addition to the training you and your puppy will receive in our program, once you complete our puppy program, you are part of the Cosmic Canine family! For the rest of your dog’s life you are welcome to come to our FREE pack walks and community events.


We want our training alumni to continue maintaining their training and be successful! We are here to help!

Do you Do Potty Training?

Potty training is a process that must be completed in your home and unfortunately there is no “easy button.” However, crate training is an essential part of that process. During our puppy program, your puppy is taken out on a schedule and learns to go on those breaks. This will make the process far easier to continue at home. Our day school program is excellent to help you in your potty training process as your puppy will both be crate trained and taken out frequently while you are busy!

For detailed information regarding potty training and crate training, please check out our blog articles on the subject: 


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