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Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training is the heart and soul of Cosmic Canine and the foundation of all our services and programs. Everything in a dog’s life, good or bad, is rooted in the foundation training the dog received.

What is obedience training?

Obedience training is usually considered a dog’s ability to follow basic commands. While this is true, training is much more than “just the sit.” Obedience training, when done well, also gives the dog a repertoire of skills and the ability to communicate with people. 

The training foundation or “basics” are critically important to a dog’s ability to properly handle all life situations. The foundation gives a dog something to fall back on when overly stimulated, stressed, in a high drive state, or facing an intimidating new situation. The stronger the foundation, the better the quality of life for you and your dog. 

Our goal in our training programs is to give your dog the strongest obedience foundation possible in the allotted program time frame. Following the training program, and just as important, we teach you the skills to continue to progress. Ultimately, it is our mission to give you and your dog the skills and foundation to handle real-world situations and give you both the best quality of life and relationship possible.

Dog training is a skill that takes years to develop and more years to continue perfecting. In addition to that skill, trainers must also have the ability to teach the clients and transfer the skills to them. Our trainers are passionate about their work and go above and beyond to help both dogs and owners.

What programs do you offer?

Depending on your goals and needs, we offer several different programs. If you dog is five months old or younger, we have puppy board and train or puppy day school. For older dogs we have day school, on-leash programs and off-leash training programs! For dogs with issues with aggression to humans or aggression to dogs or fear and anxiety, we also have behavior training programs.


For people wanting help in their home only, we also offer private in-home training packages.


Not sure which program is right for you and your dog? Schedule your free evaluation with one of our trainers to learn more!



During our off-leash obedience board and train packages, your dog will receive training in the following skills:

Obedience programs are generally 2 to 3 weeks depending on your goals and the dog’s needs. Dogs needing help with behavioral issues may be better suited for our behavioral training programs.

Our off-leash programs come with one remote training collar.  Remote collars are an excellent and completely humane tool when used correctly. Our off-leash program is highly effective for stopping undesirable behaviors and giving dogs off-leash freedom they could not otherwise safely enjoy. The ultimate goal in our e-collar training is for the owner to rarely need to use it. 

For those clients who just want their dog to learn some basic skills. We also offer a 12 day on-leash program. This program teaches all the basic skills on leash. Leash walking, sit, down, place, door manners, positive and negative markers, basic good manners, and recall foundations.

At the end of the programs, we will have a very deep understanding of your dog and his or her individual personality. As each dog is different, we will explain to you what are reasonable expectations for your dog and how to best manage any particularities of the breed or genetic predispositions. Not all dogs are the same, not all dogs have the same needs, therefore we do not treat them the same. It is similar to understanding that not all children can be a basketball star.

While the final picture varies from dog to dog, our job is to bring out the best in your dog and show you how to have the absolutely best relationship. Our ultimate goal is to give people and dogs the best possible quality of life together.