Human Aggression

If you are concerned about your dog demonstrating aggressive behavior toward people, or if your dog already has a bite history, we can help. Many of our trainers have a strong background in working with protection dogs and are very knowledgeable in the areas of control and aggression.

The great majority of cases of aggression toward people can be stopped and controlled with good training and an owner who is dedicated and willing to properly and responsibly manage and continue training with their dog. Most aggressive behavior toward humans is caused by insecurity, fear, lack of rules and boundaries, lack of control, lack of training or bad training, and lack of firm leadership.

That being said, aggression towards people can be serious and dangerous. We will honestly assess and advise you regarding your dog’s behavior and ongoing associated risk. In many dogs, while the aggression can be managed and risks reduced, aggression toward humans is a liability that should not be taken lightly. For this reason, we may not tell some people what they want to hear nor make promises that should not be made. In cases of aggression, it is just as much our job to inform you of the risk level your dog may present and advise you accordingly. We take into account the dog’s size, strength, and the type of aggression the dog is displaying as well as the owner’s living situation, family dynamic, physical limitations, and skill level.

Lastly, many people who come to us concerned that their dog is aggressive actually have a reactive dog. Their dog is behaving in a seemingly aggressive manner, but has no real intent to cause harm and the behavior may stem from insecurity to over stimulation. We can evaluate your dog to determine if your dog has truly aggressive tendencies, what the motivation or cause of the behavior may be, and which program would be best suited for your dog.