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Behavioral Training for Fear & Anxiety

Does your dog struggle with fear and anxiety? Do you feel frustrated or helpless because your efforts to help don’t seem to be working?

Many behavioral problems with dogs stem from lack of confidence, anxiety, improper socialization, or lack of socialization. Some dogs are also genetically more timid or suspicious than others. Training for these dogs should focus first on building confidence and overcoming fears.

If your dog is struggling with insecurity, fear and anxiety, contact us for help!

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How We Can Help

While obedience is at the heart of everything we do at Cosmic Canine, we have become known for our expertise and successes with dogs that suffer from debilitating fear, anxiety. We focus on confidence building, giving the dogs skills to cope with their fears, and expose them in a healthy way to environmental stimuli at a pace they can handle.

Can you help with separation anxiety?

Yes, we can help. Separation anxiety can range from mild to severe. Strategies to tackle separation anxiety range from adding a lot of enrichment, exercise and mental stimulation along with building the dog’s ability and comfort to be alone.