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Dog Aggressive Dog Training

Dog on dog aggression can range from reactivity on leash to dangerous aggression that can result in serious injury. We have a lot of experience dealing with all ranges and severity of dog aggression.

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How We Can Help

Many cases of aggression turn out to be reactive dogs. These dogs are often in need of more dog training, structure, and boundaries and do well in our advanced obedience training program. Reactivity may escalate in time to aggression, so tackling the issue early is always helpful.

If your dog is not just reactive, however, and either has a history of attacking other dogs, or has the intent to cause harm to another dog, then more attention must be placed in handling the issue properly.

If you’re not sure whether your dog is reactive or aggressive, please schedule an evaluation with one of our expert trainers to determine which program is best for you and your dog. Depending on the issues and program, one or more in-home lessons will be required.

A dog that is truly dog aggressive must always be managed by a dedicated and responsible owner who is committed and willing to properly manage and work with their dog. Please note the  “managed.” You cannot fundamentally change who your dog is, but you can learn how to manage the dog you have, set realistic expectations for your dog, and give your dog the understanding to control and minimize aggressive tendencies.

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The dog in the video above is a 120lb Cane Corso that came to us after killing the neighbor’s dog. This is more extreme and severe aggression than found in most dogs and even more challenging because of the size of the dog. However, as you can see in the video, the aggression is manageable and controllable. This dog would never be left unsupervised with another dog, however, he can live safely in society and with his owner.

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Naturally, aggression between dogs in the same household can pose much greater challenges. There are many dogs who are successfully rehabilitated to live in harmony with other dogs in their home, like Jack and Grimm, while others must always be properly and carefully managed.

What Will My Dog Learn?

The ultimate results and success of dog training depends on a combination of the genetic make-up of your dog and your ability to handle your dog. As long as owners are willing to set realistic expectations for their dog, it is very rare for a dog to need to be rehomed or put down for dog aggression once appropriate dog training and management is implemented. In all cases of aggression, we will give you our assessment of your dog’s level of aggression and any ongoing associated risk. 

During our aggressive dog behavior modification training program, your dog will learn obedience skills necessary to successfully manage the issues with the aggression.

We have helped many dogs who came to us after owners had already spent quite a bit of money with other dog trainers and failed to make any progress. Unfortunately, some owners then give up after these unsuccessful attempts to help the situation, and dogs often may be put down because their owners think there is no hope and no rescues will take them.

This is such an unfortunate reason for any dog to lose their home and life, as dog aggression is almost always manageable.