Board and Train

Our board and train programs are the most popular and effective way to achieve the relationship and control you always wanted with your dog. Whatever your goals and challenges, we are here to help.

What Can I Expect?

During training, you can call or email your trainer whenever you need. At the end of training, you will receive training on what your dog knows and how to continue everything at home. The number of lessons depend on the program. After training, you have lifetime phone and email support as well as free pack walks and discounted alumni classes. Call us anytime if you have a question or problem.

What is a board and train program?

Board and train dog training is great for people who have limited time to train their dog, or are at their wits end in their attempts to train their dog. In a board and train program, you drop off your dog with our expert trainers and staff, and we train your dog!

We offer several dog training programs to fit you and your dog’s needs, goals, and issues. Each board and train program is customized to the dog and owner. You will discuss all your goals and issues in detail with your trainer before you drop-off your dog to make sure we properly address all your concerns and you fully understand the program. During training, the trainers will send you progress reports to keep you in the loop as to your dog’s progress. 

We do offer day school options for people who prefer to drop-off and pick-up their dog daily. This option is only available for our puppy program and basic adult programs.

How can a board and train program help me and my dog?

Board and train programs are excellent dog training programs for people who are limited on the amount of time they have to train their dog, or really need professional help to train their dog to a point where they can much more easily take over and maintain the training. Maintaining training is much easier than doing the training all yourself. Our professional trainers have trained hundreds of dogs and are able to accomplish transformational results in a much shorter period of time. 

If you are struggling with problem behaviors with your dog such as leash pulling, lunging, barking, out-of-control behaviors, running away, bolting out doors, destructive behaviors, jumping, or other problematic habits, our board and train programs can help!

As every dog is different and every person is different, the first step is to schedule a consultation. In the consultation, one of our expert trainers can discuss your goals and concerns, meet your dog, and come up with the best program for you and your dog. Of course, we are happy to answer any and all of your questions!

Can you help aggressive dogs and fearful dogs?

Yes, absolutely. We have specialized behavior programs for dogs with aggression toward people, aggression to dogs, as well as extremely fearful and anxious dogs. 

What methods do you use?

Our training is based in a whole lot of positive reinforcement. We work to really get know your dog and figure out what makes him tick! Whatever we can find to motivate your dog, we will use it! We use a lot of food as a reward, but also play and praise if that’s what motivates your dog too!

We may be described as “balanced” trainers as we do also tell the dog “no” and use training tools including e-collars for off-leash control. However, we do not agree with the term “balanced” as it implies a balance or equal use of positive and negative. In reality, training is almost all positive, punctuated with appropriate corrections or “NO’s” when needed, with the end goal being to very rarely to need the equipment to communicate or control your dog. 

What does my dog learn?

In all our obedience programs, dogs are taught:

  • down
  • sit
  • heel
  • place
  • come when called
  • door manners
  • boundaries
  • impulse control

In our off-leash programs all the above behaviors are taught both on and off leash.

What problems can you help?

Our off-leash board and train programs can help stop:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping on people
  • Not listening
  • Lunging 
  • Excessive Barking
  • Digging
  • Bolting out doors
  • Fence fighting
  • Unreliable commands
  • and more!

How Long Is The Dog Training?

Our comprehensive dog obedience training programs range from a 12 day basic on-leash program to four weeks, depending on your, goals, needs and the type of behavioral problems.

In addition to our full programs, we offer 5 day, M-F custom programs for leash manners only, crate/potty training basics, and treadmill training for dogs without other behavioral challenges. These programs are ideal for people going on vacation and need to board their dog anyway!

Most of our training programs, however are two to three weeks, depending on your goals. If your dog has more serious behavioral issues, the program may be longer. Naturally, the more time we have with your dog, the more repetitions, environmental exposure and conditioning we can do. While all the programs deliver transformational results, the longer programs allow us to deliver a more reliable and consistent dog. With dog training, more is better!

Keep in mind, as a general rule it takes 50-120 repetitions to associate a command to a behavior in a low distraction environment. It takes 2,000+ to commit the behavior to solidly commit the skill to long-term memory and perform in high distraction environments.

Fear and Anxiety

3 week minimum

Dog Aggression

3 week minimum

Human Aggression

4 week minimum

What Happens Next?

At the end of the dog training program we will have a "go-home" lesson. This is where we turn the program back over to you. Your trainer will review everything your dog learned and how to continue the program at home. The lessons will last as long as you need it to!

Depending on the program, this lesson will take place either at our facility or at your home. You will receive detailed instructions and coaching including:

Following the lesson, you’re still not done. You have phone and email support for the life of your dog AND you can join in our free group walks/classes for our alumni. Trainers are available at these lessons to help answer questions and give you more practice!