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Jan 30, 2023

Why Matting is Important

Why do you think dog groomers shave matted dogs? What can you do as a pet owner to avoid matting? The truth is we don’t want to shave your dog short so it’s important to care for their hair and regular grooming is recommended. 

Health Issues Caused by Matting 

  • Matted hair pulls the dog’s skin which can cause pain and some cases bruises to the skin

  • Infections may occur including hot spots, and parasites may be hiding underneath the matt hair. 

  • Haematomas or known as blood-filled pockets can occur when the circulation is back to matted areas which usually happens in the ears.

  • In severe cases, the blood supply can be affected in both extremities. 

Do not brush matted hair! According to the Animal Welfare Act, animals should be protected from pain, injury, and suffering. Having the matted hair brushed out may cause extreme pain. A prolonged session of brushing it out is very traumatic for your dog and most likely causes fear in the grooming session. With Cosmic Canine dog grooming packages, we will not put your dog through this unnecessary pain. We believe that a well-groom dog with a nice fur style is way much better than shaving them off.

A matted dog may be horrible to deal with, but you can always prevent it with a regular grooming routine. Consider having to get their fur shorter during the season they are most likely to get matting. Hair always grows back! Temporarily, your dog may be much more comfortable with mats removed to allow his skin to have a proper airflow to start healing.

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