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Oct 28, 2020

Top Reasons To Put Your Dog in Training Classes

Top Reasons To Put Your Dog in Training Classes

You learned a lot in school—not just specific skills, but the unwritten curriculum of how to be a human being in our big, busy world. Dog training turns out to be more similar to your own schooling experience than you may think. You may have envisioned “obedience school” as dogs simply learning to follow a set of commands under strict instructors but, indeed, quality dog training goes beyond “sit” and “stay” and teaches them how to navigate their world and thrive. Here are some of our top reasons to put your dog in training classes.

Deeper Understanding

If you’ve met one dog, you’ve met one dog. Every dog is different, and just because you had a poodle growing up, that doesn’t mean your new golden retriever is anything alike. By allowing experienced professionals to spend quality time with your pet and report back to you, you can gain valuable insight into just what makes your pup tick. Building this understanding is what truly turns a pet into a member of your family.

Your Dog’s Safety

Failure to obey commands doesn’t just lead to mild frustration for you. A dog who slips out the door while you’re not looking or chases down a car while off their leash could mean they’re lost forever, or worse. Your dog deserves a long, happy, and healthy life, and a well-trained dog is a safer dog.

Proper Indoor Behavior

Whether your home features gorgeous furniture, impressive artwork, delicate pottery, or all the above, you want to make sure these items stay intact. Without proper training, even the best dogs can find themselves tearing up the house out of stress, boredom, or a misplaced sense of play. Since your dog will probably spend a lot of time indoors, they must know what not to do in the house.

Behave Well Among Other Dogs

Dogs love their owners, but it’s important for them to have their own peer groups, too! If you visit a park, dog run, or other public space where people like to bring their dogs, your pup will have a golden opportunity to make some friends. Unfortunately, solid friendship doesn’t come immediately to all dogs. Avoid awkward, unpleasant, or downright ugly interactions involving friends’ and strangers’ dogs through appropriate lessons that emphasize good social habits.

Bonding and Loyalty

A solid relationship between dog and owner is certainly of the top reasons to put your dog in training classes. The time you and your dog spend together reinforcing the lessons he or she learns will strengthen your bond, and that special bond is what makes pet ownership so worthwhile. Take the first steps toward that bond by exploring dog training in the Dallas, Texas area. Cosmic Canine offers classes for puppies as young as three months old, giving you the opportunity to start making lasting connections with your pet as early as you can. Though old dogs can learn new tricks, you shouldn’t wait until adulthood to start the training process.

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