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Feb 24, 2021

Top Reasons To Board Your Dog

Top Reasons To Board Your Dog

Every now and then, there comes a situation where we can’t have our loyal dog by our side. Whether there’s a lot going on around the house or you have to leave your dog behind on a trip, too much disorder can have you looking for a boarder. Here are a few of our top reasons to board your dog—some situations where a change of scenery is not just convenient but constructive for your pal.

Throwing a Wrench Into the Works

Having some work done around the house can be stressful for a dog. With strangers coming and going, doors opening and closing, and lots of power tools at work, your stressed-out dog may cope with the stimuli by adding some unwanted custom reupholstery work to the project. If you don’t think your dog can stay out of the way of major home repairs, dog boarding provides a great short-term option until the work is complete. There, they’ll get plenty of exercise, time to play with other dogs, and won’t have to listen to unfamiliar voices, hammers, and drills.

Not on the Guest List

Picture this: you’ve prepared an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner, you’re placing all the dishes out on the table for your guests to serve themselves, but just as you’re making one last trip to grab the mashed potatoes, you find your adorable but very hungry dog snacking on a turkey leg. Parties and pets don’t always co-exist, and locking your dog up in the guest room for the evening isn’t a very humane option. Superior boarders will make sure your dog eats well, even if your homemade hors d’oeuvres aren’t on the menu.

Creative Destruction

If you’re leaving for a short trip, you may believe it’s best to have a house sitter mind your dog or leave the dog at a friend’s house rather than drop your dog off at a boarding facility. This doesn’t account for an unfamiliar person being unable to deal with maladaptive behaviors. In fact, the mere presence of a stranger in place of an owner could precipitate those behaviors. Under the watchful eyes of professionals in a controlled environment, dogs can get their nervous energy out over a few days without tearing up your lawn or furniture—or worse, your neighbor’s.

Making the Move

Relocation is a difficult and involved process. It can feel like you’re spinning plates before you’ve even unloaded the kitchenware. Taking one more stressor off your list during this transition is one of the top reasons to board your dog. Once the movers have come and gone and you’ve started to unload the boxes, you can introduce your dog to the new surroundings and get them acclimated without as much chaos. If you’re relocating to or within the DFW Metroplex, Cosmic Canine provides dog boarding in the Dallas area for dogs of all sizes who are mid-move and looking for activity.

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