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Sep 10, 2022

Teaching Your Puppy to Potty Outside

Part of the potty training process is teaching your puppy that going outside is the correct place to go. Many people struggle with getting their puppy to go potty quickly once they go outside. The complaint “my puppy won’t go potty!” is a common one. This is often because the puppy is more interested in running around and playing than pottying. This often results in the owner losing patience and taking the puppy back indoors. Inevitably, as soon as the puppy goes back inside it is no longer as distracted and excited and will instantly potty in the house. How do you prevent that?

Go to the same spot and be boring

Pick a very uninteresting part of your yard or outdoor area to be your puppy’s designated potty area. First thing in the morning when your puppy absolutely will go potty, go to this spot and just stand there. Keep your puppy on a line and just stand still. Allow your puppy enough room to sniff around and find a good spot, but not so much that it can get distracted with other things. Then, just stand there and wait. Be as boring as possible. Do not talk to your puppy, play with it, nothing. Just be boring.

Add a Word

Eventually, your puppy will go potty. When he does, add a word to it as your puppy is going to the bathroom, for example “Go Potty”. Do not say it too excitedly or loudly as it could stop your puppy mid-potty and cause him to run to you. All you are trying to do is associate the word with the action. Eventually, hearing the word will encourage your dog to potty.

Have a party

As soon as your puppy goes potty, everything changes! Whoo hoooo! Party time! Now you play! All the fun starts! Reward your puppy immediately with food and praise or a toy. Move away from your potty area and start playing!

Walk After the Potty

Take your puppy to the potty spot every time you go out, even before a walk. This way your puppy will associate going potty with the beginning of everything good, including a walk!

Maintaining Good Habits

When you take your puppy out, make sure you do not fall into the habit of taking your puppy back inside immediately after he potties, even long after the potty training process is over. You never want your dog to associate going potty with the end of a good time as this can result in a dog that waits for an eternity to go potty. This doesn’t mean you have to stay outside forever all the time, just make sure you give your dog enough reward after the potty to keep the habit of going quickly and even on command.

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