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Apr 23, 2023

Is Your Dog Destined to Be a Cosmic Canine Daycare Buddy?

Cosmic Canine provides many benefits for dogs at daycare. By getting alongside other dogs, they may learn new positive behaviors that they can add at home. Cosmic Canine ensures your furry friend learns important skills for them to be a good fit in the family. Here are the signs that your dog is ready to be a cosmic canine daycare buddy. 

  1. Enjoys meeting other canine companions while going to the park – Your dog is friendly and loves to meet up with other dogs in your area. If you think your dog enjoys socializing, they would definitely love to spend the day at Cosmic Canine. Who knows they might meet their forever best friend in this place. 
  2. Very energetic – Is your dog full of energy and ready to go on an adventure? Cosmic Canine walk dogs every day. Energetic dogs will have fun in this facility because they can use their energy in one place. 
  3. Spend most of the day in bed – Does your dog’s favorite thing to do is lay down in bed and dream the day away? It’s true that dogs who receive regular exercise live longer and are having less health issues. Do you want your dog to live longer? The Cosmic Canine is an excellent place for your dog to add additional activity to their lives and get out of the house regularly. 
  4. Experience anxiety – Does your dog miss you when you go to work and usually wait for you to come home? These could be signs of anxiety by chewing objects more often than usual especially when they are being left alone. It’s their way of relieving themselves. When your dog visits Cosmic Canine, they will not be alone. They are going to socialize with other dogs along with well-trained people who will ensure they are having fun under their care. With regular daycare, your dog’s anxiety will lessen as they learn you are always going to come back home for them and may learn to be comfortable in a new environment. 

When your furry friend is naturally socialized and prefers to hang out with other dogs or people, we’re here to help show them what Cosmic Canine is all about making sure they are safe and comfortable in our facility. Prepare to get your dog into daycare so they can enjoy the many benefits we offer. 

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