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Sep 20, 2022

How Long Does it Take to Train a Puppy?


Can my puppy be trained in two weeks?

If you are looking for help training your puppy and are considering puppy training, you are likely wondering, “How long does it take to train a puppy? Can my puppy really be trained in two weeks?” This is a legitimate question and the answer is, yes, and no. Training your puppy or dog is an ongoing process, so in this sense, no, your puppy’s training will not be over in two weeks. No matter what, you must continue training your puppy until he is fully mature and beyond. If, however, you find a good trainer, your puppy can be trained on many important skills and an excellent foundation can be laid in two weeks. 

Is a puppy training worth it?

Quality puppy training can lay a foundation that will positively affect the rest of your puppy’s life. If a puppy is taught basic skills, manners, and how to positively engage with people and other dogs at a young age, the puppy will take this foundation into adulthood and have a much better chance of developing into a well-balanced and stable companion.

Puppy training will also give you the benefit of learning a great deal about how to properly continue your puppy’s training and guide his development. Not only will you learn how to continue reinforcing what your puppy has already learned, but quality training facilities often offer ongoing support and opportunities to continue learning and working with your dogs. This education can prevent you from making critical mistakes with your puppy going forward and be an available resource for help when you need it.

How early can you start training a puppy?

Many people are not aware of the importance of early training and make the mistake of putting off training until the puppy is much older. Often, by this time, mistakes made in early development have turned into ingrained problem behaviors stemming from the dog’s lack of knowledge, improper socialization or lack of socialization, lack of rules and boundaries, insufficient mental stimulation, lack of communication between human and dog, and a host of other reasons. At this stage, training becomes much more difficult because not only do you need to teach your dog proper behaviors, but now you also have to work to unlearn the less desirable ones. Doing it right the first time is always easier!

Raising a puppy correctly involves a lot of time and effort on your part, but this up-front investment will pay off for years to come. Your efforts early on will form strong bonds with your puppy that will last a lifetime and help your puppy to develop into a happy and well-adjusted member of your family. If you have had this bond with a dog in your life, then you already know, it is priceless.

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