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Feb 14, 2023

Build Confidence and Overcome Fears for Your Dogs

Fear and anxiety are natural feelings we all have including canines. These feelings are important to help us grow, and learn as individuals. Dogs are no different. They can be playful, energetic, loving, shy, and fearful. Strangers and unfamiliar dogs are usually the cause of fearful and aggressive behavior. While it’s possible that they get it from abuse, or trauma at a very young age. Mostly, the fear comes from genetics.

What Does a Fearful or Stress Dog Look Like? 

  • Shows no interest in certain things or person
  • Tremble
  • Yawn
  • Find comfort with other humans or dogs 
  • Bark or growl 

If you see any of these behaviors, don’t force them to interact. Monitor their body language and get to know their signs of stress or fear. 

What Can You Do? 

  • Seek help from a qualified dog trainer like Cosmic Canine
  • Have an understanding of the training program. It’s important to train them frequently. 
  • Ask a dog trainer about the key elements of dealing with a fearful dog like counter-conditioning. 
  • Take your time. Don’t force your animals to learn quickly. 
  • Medication should only be given in addition to the right training program. Remember that medication can only cover the behavior and not exactly help them to change. 
  • Remain calm and confident. Be the change that your dog needs. 
  • Work your relationship with your canine friend. Improving the bond, and letting them learn to trust you is enough to work on their anxiety issue. Start teaching simple tricks and let them have fun. 

Fear and anxiety in dogs can be treated with training and behavior programs. Take this important step in changing your dog’s behavior. Do it now, it’s never too late. Book us for consultation.

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