Every now and then, there comes a situation where we can’t have our loyal dog by our side. Whether there’s a lot going on around the house or you have to leave your dog behind on a trip, too much disorder can have you looking for a boarder.
Qualities To Look for in a Dog Trainer
Committing to dog training is no small decision. It’s a big life change for your dog, and a commitment of your time. Dog training classes are an investment. In choosing a dog trainer, you and your dog can’t afford the wrong selection.
What Your Dog Can Expect at Doggy Daycare
If your dog is heading to their first day of doggy daycare, perhaps that anxiety hasn’t set in quite yet—and your existential dread is one thing you won’t have to worry about.
Tips for Choosing a Dog Boarder
If you’re planning a trip but can’t secure a house sitter, someone else is going to have to look after your dog. Unlike cats, you can’t just send someone by the house to fill a couple of bowls every few days—your dog needs a healthy diet, active engagement with people, and plenty of exercise.
Top Reasons To Put Your Dog in Training Classes
You learned a lot in school—not just specific skills, but the unwritten curriculum of how to be a human being in our big, busy world. Dog training turns out to be more similar to your own schooling experience than you may think.
Training Your German Shepherd
What many people do not realize is that over the years, the German Shepherd breed has diverged from its origins into several different lines, each having their own distinct characteristics.
How to Choose a Board and Train Program for your Dog
There are so many dog trainers and companies out there advertising training services. How do you choose? What should you look for? Hopefully the information below will help.