Cosmic Canine

Obedience Training Basics

On-Leash Basics

12 Day Program for Dogs 6 months or older


This program is great for people who just want their dogs to learn some basic commands on leash or want their dog to have a mentally stimulating stay instead of just boarding! 

* Sit (stay)

* Down (stay)

* Leash manners

* Place

* Manners around people and dogs

* Recall foundations

* Impulse control

* Door Manners

Troubleshooting Programs

Customized Program

If you are simply looking for some help in a particular area, our troubleshooting programs are great for owners who may be going on a short trip and would like their dog to engage in a productive program rather than just board. Provided the dog does not have behavioral issues that would prevent targeted training, we can address certain issues during a 5-10 day stay. These issues would include:

* Leash pulling

* Door manners

* Treadmill training 

* Customized foundation training 

Please contact us to determine which program is best suited for your dog. An evaluation may be required.