Length: Four Weeks 

Includes four private lessons

Cost: $2700 (required training collars included)

This program addresses problem behaviors such as: 



*counter surfing 

*bolting out doors 

*running away 

*excessing barking 

*reactive behaviors 

*leash pulling 

*chasing small animals/cars 


Commands and skill your dog will learn

on and off leash: 

*Sit (stay is inferred and expected) 

*Down – include distance emergency downs 



*Recall (Here/Come) 

*Off/on leash walking  

*Door Manners 



Program Schedule: 

Month 1: We train your dog! You get weekly updates and videos/pictures. 

Month 2: You take one private lesson per week for FOUR WEEKS, starting with the first lesson on pick-up day, until you have learned all the skills your dog knows and how to maintain them. You will have homework to take home and practice each week. This month of training you is just as important as the month training your dog.  


Training Program: (see more details about our training philosophy here

We give your dog a foundation of behaviors and knowledge using motivational techniques. By the end of our program, your dog will have a wealth of knowledge of good behaviors to fall back on and choose from in daily life. This knowledge on its own give dogs more confidence and comfort in life. Once your dog has a strong foundation in each skill, we begin the process of training the remote collar to proof the behaviors on and off leash. We do not train with the ecollar, we proof with it! This is a huge difference in training techniques from many of our competitors and why our program is four weeks and not two. We do not cut corners at the expense of the dog and your future success. 


Customized Program 

We also address any particular issues/concerns you may have with your dog during this program. If you are having more serious aggression issues with your dog, see our Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification Program page


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