Cosmic Canine

Off-Leash Dog Training in Plano, Texas 

Typical Length: 4 weeks

Includes private lesson and follow-up

​It takes time to gain the confidence you need to work with your dog when not on a leash in an enclosed area—such as a yard or building—where they are contained from running free. With help from Cosmic Canine, we’re here to give you that confidence to let your dog run without a leash. Thanks to our training, they’ll listen to your commands without bolting out the door or running away. Our off-leash dog training in Dallas, Texas, is here to help you and your dog or puppy form a great bond for working together into the future! 

Our off-leash dog training is an excellent program for all types of dogs. Some examples are: 

(1) Working/herding/high energy breeds excel and thrive through the training program. They learn their "job" and love doing it!

(2)  Dogs with confidence/fear issues gain confidence and calmness during this program. (Dogs with severe fear issues may require more time).

(3) Dogs with impulse control issues learn to contain and redirect their energy in a positive, fun way, replacing undesirable behaviors with good alternatives!

(4) Reactive dogs who tend to lunge and bark on a leash or become out-of-control around distractions learn how to redirect their negative reactions into positive interactions with their owners.

Commands and skill your dog will learn on and off-leash: 

*Sit (stay is inferred and expected) 

*Down – include distance emergency downs 



*Recall (Here/Come) 

*Off/on-leash walking  

*Door Manners 

This program addresses problem behaviors such as: 



*Counter surfing 

*Running away 

*Excessive barking 

*Reactive behaviors 

*Leash pulling 

*Chasing small animals/cars 

If your dog has aggression issues and bite history, please see our aggressive dog program.

PLEASE NOTE: The length of our off-leash dog training in Dallas, Texas, is determined by your goals and your dog's needs. Dogs with fear, confidence, and anxiety issues benefit from more time to learn at a relaxed and comfortable pace. Dogs with other more ingrained behavioral issues may also benefit from a longer stay. Please contact us to discuss what is best for you and your dog.

Program Schedule

Training your Dog: We train your dog! You get weekly updates from the trainer regarding training progress and any issues we encounter. 

Training You: At pick-up day, our trainer will spend time showing you everything your dog has learned. They will work with you until you feel comfortable that you learned all the skills your dog knows and how to maintain them.  You will have homework to take home and practice. Our trainers are available for private lessons with our former clients to make sure you keep up your good habits and training!

Training Program

Throughout our off-leash dog training in Dallas, Texas, we’ll give your dog a foundation of behaviors and knowledge using motivational techniques. By the end of our program, your dog will have a wealth of knowledge of good behaviors to fall back on and choose from in daily life. This knowledge on its own give dogs more confidence and comfort in life. The remote collar is introduced into the program at a comfortable communication and working level. This allows your dog to understand off-leash communication and gives your dog the fun and freedom of being off-leash without losing control. 

*See more details about our training philosophy here.

Customized Program

We also address any particular issues/concerns you may have with your dog during this program.


**If you are having more serious aggression issues with your dog, see our Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification Program page.