Maya Jedlicka training a German Shepherd puppy to 'shake'


Cosmic Canine was founded out of genuine love and respect for dogs and a passion for training. Our mission is to improve dog/human relationships by educating and coaching owners how to correctly and fairly work with their dogs, and by producing happy dogs who enjoy training. Training this way takes more skill, knowledge, and time than many businesses and trainers wish to take. Our training programs are created from methods and techniques based in solid animal behavior theory and tried and tested over decades by our training director and other top trainers.

What we want all owners to understand is that when it comes to solving training or behavioral issues, there is no magical “secret to dog training” or “easy button” to push no matter what the internet and its “experts” say. We will not subject dogs to unfair training in order to produce fast, impressive results using methods that owners likely would not approve of if they understood. Can we create transformative results in your dog? Absolutely! But we will not take away the dog’s basic nature and personality and joy for life. We enhance it! We produce these results not through short cuts and smoke and mirrors, but through hard work based in knowledge, dedication, and the respect and love for dogs.



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Maya Jedlicka
Training Manager
Christian Dickson


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