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I have been trying to train my rescue dog for two years with no success. I finally took him to Cosmic Canine. From the time I made the first phone call To today when I picked up my dog after the two week training program, I have been more than impressed. Brad his trainer was phenomenal! Not only did he teach my dog in two weeks what I’ve been trying to teach him in two years he also took the time and patience to teach me. Everyone that works there has been very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend Cosmic Canine! - Kathryn Laffiteau

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AWESOME!! If I was allowed to give a 50 STAR Review I would in a heart beat. Cosmic Canine, thank you for your steady dedication to our Angel Girl. It’s always a pleasure to bring Angel here. The love and care given here is truly magnificent. Let me not forget to say that the staff is truly amazing, from the time you leave your bundle of joy and upon your return. Angel is excited when we pull up at Cosmic Canine and shows the same excitement when we pick her up. Thank you Maya and Staff a true life saver. Cosmic Canine The Best!!!!! Highly Recommended. - Michelle Bennett

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We adore Cosmic Canine! We have sent all 3 of our doodles through their 2-week Puppy Foundation Board and Train program. I highly recommend a training program, even if your dog is not having any behavior challenges. We just had Fozzie come back home, and he truly is a changed dog! We had no complaints with Fozzie prior to training, but while he was there he learned: leash manners, door manners, sit, down and place. What was the most amazing thing was watching him work with the trainer and how much his tail was wagging. He was SO happy to be doing the commands and pleasing the trainers. The training immediately translates into real-life situations. The next day, I took him to a few pet-friendly stores. He had perfect leash manners, maintained eye-contact with me, distractions were easy to correct, and everyone was swooning over my well-mannered adorable puppy. Thanks to Brad for helping Fozzie to become even more amazing! - Natalie Smith

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We brought our 2.5 year old pit/ pug mix here because he had issues with hyperactivity and reacting to people / dogs. We left him for 2 weeks for the boarding/ training and he is a new dog! Brad did an amazing job. Taz now knows sit, down, place and heel. He is learning not to jump on people and how to finally walk on a leash. They use a lot of positive reinforcements (food) and a prong collar which is very effective. We are also learning how to be better disciplined dog owners. Highly recommend Brad and Cosmic Canine for your dog training and boarding needs! - Kalyn Keir

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We took our puppy through the 6 week introductory to basic training course and the additional off leash training course. Both programs are exceptional! Intro to Basics Course - (6 week, weekly class) Brad as the lead trainer was very detailed and informative in each of the intro to basic training courses. He was very hands on and also gave us plenty of opportunities to practice during the 1 hr session. He encouraged asking questions and was very patient with our very smart and very tricky puppy. Cosmic Canine was also very accommodating to our busy schedules through the intro to basics course. We weren't able to make one of our regularly scheduled sessions so they worked with us to ensure we were able to still get in a full session of training during one of their other time offerings during the week. Your dog will learn all the basics - sit, place, down, loose leash walking, and a trick or two! You also learn a lot about your dog's personalty and the way they think/interact with commands. Overall it is a great learning and bonding experience with your dog. Off Leash Training - (3 week, boarding course) because of this course, our puppy is on the way to being a very well mannered and enjoyable dog. Brad has taken extremely good care of our puppy and has really taught our dog a lot. Brad gave us a weekly update and pictures of our dog's progress. Our puppy has come knowing how to stay in place on his own, down on command, stay, and come when called. The class made our puppy think and support our puppy's growth and development. Brad and Cosmic Canine provided us the training and is still providing us the continued support to make sure we are carrying through the training correctly. Thank you Cosmic Canine!! We appreciate Brad and your team's support in our journey with our puppy! - Katherine Kennedy

Dog Training and Boarding

Dog Training in Dallas, Texas

Elite professional dog training and boarding facility in Dallas and the surrounding metroplex.

Our focus on creating harmonious relationships between humans and dogs outside of basic commands, allowing your dog to not only respond to your commands, but respond under any circumstance or distraction.

We train dogs for the real world. Whether your dog enters training in our puppy obedience class, for advanced dog training, or for aggressive dog behavior modification training, our trainers educate dogs and owners for lasting and rewarding results.

Check out the services we offer, watch our videos, or visit us to see how Cosmic Canine provides the best dog training in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding metroplex. We look forward to working with you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our dog boarding and dog training in Dallas, Texas.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying


- Drue D.

Cosmic did a fantastic job with my young German Shepherd pup, Fenrir. We did the board and train program, as Fen was exhibiting some fear with other dogs. He came back a happy camper and so well behaved. I highly recommend Maya and her team for anyone who is struggling with some behavioral issues or just some general training period. We love the Cosmic Canine family!


- Dawn G.

Our fun-loving, energetic, Rhodesian Ridgeback took his skills to a new level with the amazing trainers at Cosmic Canine. We couldn’t be happier with his progress during the 4 week on and off leash obedience program. The skills and commands he learned at Cosmic Canine continue to make our life easier as a family.


- Marcia H.

Marco has been a part of the Cosmic Canine family since he was a very young pup. Marco’s training is shaping him into a wonderful, obedient young man. We adore the Cosmic Canine staff! They are very understanding and patient….not only with the animals, but with the humans too!


- Leijla K.

We love Cosmic Canine! We’ve been taking our Zeus there since he was a puppy! He loves everyone there! He can’t wait to get out of the car to go inside and say hello to everyone! They’ve done such a great job with him, all of his training has really stuck with him and each time he comes back from training he is the best boy! We’re thankful for the team at Cosmic Canine!


- Byron W.

We had such an amazing experience with Comic Canine. Our German Shepherd was struggling with dog aggression issues and simple obedience issues. We did the board and train program and were amazed with the results. Cosmic went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the results.

Jack and Grimm

- Claire B.

Jack and Grimm learned how to coexist harmoniously, and today they are able to take walks together, eat together, take naps together, and practice obedience together without anxiety or fear. I still almost can’t believe my eyes when I see them casually hanging out, and choosing to be in the same room together — this is HUGE. Before his training program, Jack nearly broke through a solid wood door to get to Grimm, and tonight they ate their dinners 3 feet from each other and then both went outside for a relaxed walk.

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