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Elite professional dog training and boarding facility in Dallas and the surrounding metroplex.

Our focus on creating harmonious relationships between humans and dogs outside of basic commands, allowing your dog to not only respond to your commands, but respond under any circumstance or distraction.

We train dogs for the real world. Whether your dog enters training in our puppy obedience class, for advanced dog training, or for aggressive dog behavior modification training, our trainers educate dogs and owners for lasting and rewarding results.

Check out the services we offer, watch our videos, or visit us to see how Cosmic Canine provides the best dog training in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding metroplex. We look forward to working with you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our dog boarding and dog training in Dallas, Texas.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying


- Drue D.

Cosmic did a fantastic job with my young German Shepherd pup, Fenrir. We did the board and train program, as Fen was exhibiting some fear with other dogs. He came back a happy camper and so well behaved. I highly recommend Maya and her team for anyone who is struggling with some behavioral issues or just some general training period. We love the Cosmic Canine family!


- Dawn G.

Our fun-loving, energetic, Rhodesian Ridgeback took his skills to a new level with the amazing trainers at Cosmic Canine. We couldn’t be happier with his progress during the 4 week on and off leash obedience program. The skills and commands he learned at Cosmic Canine continue to make our life easier as a family.


- Marcia H.

Marco has been a part of the Cosmic Canine family since he was a very young pup. Marco’s training is shaping him into a wonderful, obedient young man. We adore the Cosmic Canine staff! They are very understanding and patient….not only with the animals, but with the humans too!


- Leijla K.

We love Cosmic Canine! We’ve been taking our Zeus there since he was a puppy! He loves everyone there! He can’t wait to get out of the car to go inside and say hello to everyone! They’ve done such a great job with him, all of his training has really stuck with him and each time he comes back from training he is the best boy! We’re thankful for the team at Cosmic Canine!


- Byron W.

We had such an amazing experience with Comic Canine. Our German Shepherd was struggling with dog aggression issues and simple obedience issues. We did the board and train program and were amazed with the results. Cosmic went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the results.

Jack and Grimm

- Claire B.

Jack and Grimm learned how to coexist harmoniously, and today they are able to take walks together, eat together, take naps together, and practice obedience together without anxiety or fear. I still almost can’t believe my eyes when I see them casually hanging out, and choosing to be in the same room together — this is HUGE. Before his training program, Jack nearly broke through a solid wood door to get to Grimm, and tonight they ate their dinners 3 feet from each other and then both went outside for a relaxed walk.